Senior Preschool Program

Our Senior Preschool Program is for ages 3.5 to Junior Kindergarten age. Below you will find program information, a virtual tour of the Senior Preschool Room, and a current Pricing Chart. If you are interested in registering your Child for care at First Adventure, please contact us for more information on space availability or to get on our waiting list. Or feel free to book a program visit.




General Program Information

All new children registered at First Adventure, are required to participate in a minimum of one visit prior to their scheduled starting date. These visits support the child’s social and emotional development while providing parents with the opportunity to become comfortable with the teachers and program.

Children will become familiar with the environment and begin to develop a relationship with their teachers and children in their class. These visits help to minimize the initial separation anxiety that children and families experience as the children begin to feel safe and secure. During their visits each child is given the opportunity to explore, participate in activities, or to simply observe the teachers and other children in the program.

Each child enrolled in a First Adventure program will be encouraged to participate in small and large group activities, child directed and teacher directed activities and both indoor and outdoor activities daily. As a child development centre, First Adventure provides high quality early learning programs focusing on the holistic development of each child and promotes each child the ability to meet their maximum potential, socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and creatively.

Having a teaching role with the children does not end with the children as we believe that we must work in partnership with parents to support their child. We at First Adventure feel it is not enough to simply provide childcare services to a family. We believe that it is fundamental that parents are kept up to date with their child’s progress in the program. As a result we provide daily progress reports to parents for each child in addition to a semiannual developmental profile on each child.



Virtual Tour of the Senior Preschool Room


2016 Fee Chart

Cost per day$44.00
1 Day/ Week/ Month$190.67
2 Day/ Week/ Month$381.33
3 Day/ Week/ Month$572.00
4 Day/ Week/ Month$762.67
5 Day/ Week/ Month$953.33
Registration Fee$25.00